A recently conquered kingdom. Its capitol city is Ribarra.

Daruna was once simply a large territory of a vast number of loosely aligned tribes. It’s heavily forested and mountainous, far from any seas or oceans. Overland travel is slow and difficult, the easiest method is by boat across the myriad of rivers that traverse the region.

Weather on the mountains is harsh, winters last most of the year, although many of the valleys exist in a state of almost constant spring due to the large number of hot springs.

This makes map making exceedingly difficult – valleys are domed in fog, which is difficult to distinguish from the snow when travelling across the mountains. It’s not uncommon for valleys to contain creatures unique to that particular valley.

The most common beasts of burden are goats, rams, and markhor. They are also a staple food. Horses are small and hardy, akin to the Shetland pony.

Architecture is primarily wood, although there are several more nomadic tribes that set up temporary camps of large leather/cloth tents – think yurts.


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